Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I awoke yesterday morning to an email from a very dear friend. As I was rushing around the house to answer work emails, feed the kids, feed the cat, and unload my amazon groceries I was stopped in my tracks. My friend and her husband have been expecting their first child and I assumed the email was to let everyone know the long awaited gender. It turns out that in the gender scan they also noticed some abnormalities that lead to them learning that their unborn child would not survive . My heart dropped, tears filled my eyes, and I felt such pain for their loss. It completely changed the course of my day.
Our mornings are hectic, our days are hectic, OK our LIVES are really hectic. I realized how often I take advantage of my happy, healthy, incredibly active little girls. I realized I yell to much, don't stop enough to breathe. I realized that the monotony of 2 working parents and 2 young children takes over and I forget that we are all lucky to just be here together, as a family. In honor of my friends little girl I vow to enjoy my girls more, color with them more, take my shoes off and play IN the sand box with them more. Life is short, moments are precious and although their loss is tragic it reset me, forced me to step back and promise to be the Mom I pictured myself being when I was pregnant. Today I found perspective- and I plan to keep it.

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