Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Fever!

Well I guess this blog thing is harder than I thought. I felt like I have just posted and it turns out I haven't since January-WHAT! So I am going to work on getting better. I feel like I have to have something really important to write about but I am learning that really isn't the case.
     Well after a LONG winter we are starting to get some hints of Spring and it has been awesome. Easter day even hit 70 degrees and the girls had such a great time. Last year on Easter we way over did it with 5+ hunts but this year was much better. We only did one in the morning at our house and then we went to Nana's and Papa's for the big hunt. Both Aly and Hayden loved searching for eggs. It was hard to believe that last year Aly could only sit up at this time and now she is walking, talking, and even running to find eggs with the other kids.
     I think though the highlight of April for Hayden was going to Utah to see family and meet my brother Greg's new baby Hatcher Lee. It really is fascinating to see how baby girls just naturally have that mothering instinct. Hayden wanted to hold Hatcher from the moment we met him until the moment we left. She would kiss his head, and say "Isn't he darling". She would also paw at his head, and try to touch his eyeballs but that part isn't as sweet to talk about. It was a fun trip for Hayden and I to take all by ourselves. I hadn't been on an airplane since Hayden was 10 months old alone with her and boy has that changed. She sat nicely, colored, watched movies, and inhaled pretzels. On the flight down the flight attendants told me she was one of the best kids they have ever had on a plane. Once we got there it was a little more challenging because she was so very excited, but it was really great to have her meet my Grandpa (my Mom's Dad) and to spend time with my Mom's sister and her family. She also got to play with her much talked about cousin Audrey and they had a blast. I think these two will be life long friends. We really take advantage of having Ren's family so close and part of our everyday lives but it is important to make sure she knows my extended family as well. Next year we will take Aly too. Life is in full swing, and we are ever so busy but I will try and keep up on this more I promise. Check out pictures below of April 2012.

Starting off the egg hunt at Nana's

Aly and Toby

Aly and Daddy searching carefully.

Hayden's favorite person in the worl cousin Avery.

Aly has learned how to say "Cheese"

Hayden 4 1/2

Best Buds.

Hayden in her Utah hat Grandpa bought. Beautiful montains huh?

Hayden and Hatcher first meeting.

Grandpa and Audrey taking train to City Center in Salt Lake

Plate we made at Summer's bday party for special days.

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